Online Hardware Store is a virtual retail hardware business. The Company offers their customers “the latest cutting edge technology and design combined with the old school philosophy of cutting costs whenever possible.” The Company began doing business in late 2007 to offer their customers “the latest cutting edge technology and design combined with the old school philosophy of cutting costs whenever possible.” is different from big online retailers because the Company offers price savings to its customers at every possible point without sacrificing quality. is different from traditional “bricks and mortar” retail hardware stores because the Company offers product availability to its customers based on the customer need for “hard to find” or unique item that other stores, large or small don’t carry.

The Company at this time offers 48,000 items in a full line of products and services in the following categories:
• Bath Accessories
• Building Supplies
• Electrical
• Hand Tools
• Heating Supplies & Cooling
• Home Hardware
• Household Supplies
• Lawn & Garden, Farm & Automotive
• Paint & Paint Sundries
• Plumbing
• Power Tools’s primary market of interest is a cost-conscious home repair service provider including handymen, electricians, kitchen and home remodelers and construction contractors. This market niche thrives on readily available high-quality, price-sensitive products and services provided where and when needed by customers. is a virtual business maintaining an extensive online catalog, pricing and order entry and fulfillment system that lets it pass on the lowest possible pricing for the highest quality product.

The Company Mission Statement:

“We’ll do everything we can to support you with consistent good service. We’ll always carry the highest quality tools and hardware available. And as we continue to grow, we’ll always treat you with the personal respect you deserve. We’re not about having the lowest prices in the country, or getting your attention with shock tactics or flash. We’re about consistently giving you the highest quality tools and hardware and service available. Period. We constantly strive to provide better service. If you like what we have to offer, then we ask you to continue to shop with Only you really know what you are looking for in a supplier.”

Unique Selling Proposition:’s USP provides customers the latest cutting edge technology and design combined with reduced prices at the best possible quality and ready availability. The Company’s unique position as a virtual hardware store can guarantee the seldom seen “hard to find” items that even big stores don’t carry are available to its customers for immediate overnight delivery. benefits from the following competitive advantages:

* Low price
* Fast shipping (99% of the time we ship it same day if the order gets placed befor 9AM PST.)
* Wide range of products from well known brands
* Low shipping cost
* Competitive pricing with major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware is the website of BHAGAT LLC and is registered under the laws of the State of Washington. The LLC is wholly owned by Sumesh Bhagat and his wife Asha Rani. Corporate office is in Kirkland WA and its telephone number is 1-888-252-4252. The Company website URL is

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