Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

12V Thermoplastic Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are usually found in the basement of homes to remove accumulated water. The waterproofing system of a basement contains perimeter drains and this is where the water enters subsequently flowing into a funneling pit. This happens when the basement is below the water table level. As we all know, flooding frequently happens in basements where the water table level is above the foundation of a home; and this is where sump pumps do their work. They bring water away from the house to a dry well or municipal storm drain. For old properties, their pumps may be connected to a sanitary sewer. But these days, it is not allowed anymore due to the plumbing code and municipal bylaws; the reason is that it could engulf the municipal sewage treatment system. If you do not comply with the law, fines may be imposed.

A sump pump is usually wired into an electrical system in the home. Although some homes’ water supplies are pressurized enough that it eliminates the need for electricity. However, they are also equipped with a battery pack in case of power failure because the sump pit may overflow if not pumped constantly especially if the power failure will continue on for a prolonged period of time. The need to have a back up battery is very important especially during stormy weather. This is really the time when brownouts and blackouts take hours or sometimes days to persist. What if water gets stuck in your basement brought about by continuous rains? How will you pump the water out of your basement if your sump pump is also not working? Having the right equipment without having the power to make it run is useless. Instead of being a remedy to the problem, it becomes the problem; and this should not be the case.

This 12V Thermoplastic Battery Backup Sump Pump System is the answer to your problem. It has an emergency backup sump pump that moves up to 3300 GPH, 2300 GPH at 10 ft. It also helps to protect your property when a storm leads to a power failure. It is has a corrosion resistant and thermoplastic construction. It is also equipped with alarm sounds to notify you when the back up system is active. It only requires one 40-ampere hour or one 75-ampere hour battery. It weighs 14 lbs. and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


12V Thermoplastic Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

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