Broan 358 Roof Mounted 1200 CFM Attic Ventilator

Where are attic ventilators used? As the name implies, these are used to decrease extreme rises in temperature in an attic. Just imagine a very blazing and hot summer day. It can easily rise up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit or even more. The shingles, trusses, rafters and even the roof sheathing can get very, very hot. The combined heat from all these can equate to a hot radiator or even a bed of hot coals on fire. Just imagine the damage it can do to your attic and the things that are stored inside.

There are actually different types of attic ventilators. The first type is the solar kind. However, the not-so-good thing about solar fans is that once a cloudy day sets in, it suddenly stops working. On partly cloudy days, it does not help much and it can still get extremely hot because the fan blades do not run very excellently due to the lack of solar energy. Even after the sun has gone down, the attic remains very hot because heat is trapped inside without a vent in which it can be released. There are also turbine-powered vents wherein the energy of the fan depends on the wind. But just like the solar powered one, if there isn’t much wind, there is not so much it can do to exhaust lots of air. On the other hand, powered attic fans can prove to be much useful to any household. It can move large amounts of air. You feel a very big difference between a solar powered on and the one that runs on electricity. With a power attic ventilator, you get the benefit of built-in thermostats that automatically turns on or off depending on how hot the temperature can get. It can save you a great deal of energy.

This Broan 358 Roof Mounted 1200 CFM Attic Ventilator is a heavy gauge aluminum dome. It can mount easily between rafters. A template is also included for cutting roof board and shingles. It is also equipped with a mesh screen that can keep birds and insects out. It also has a 3 7/8 inch high splash guard to help keep rain out. It has a 14-inch diameter steel blade especially designed for maximum air movement. It operates automatically and has an adjustable built-in thermostat and motor that is accessible outside for easy cleaning. It has a heavy gauge metal flashing that can stand up to nailing and tarring even in changing weather conditions. It has an HVI certified air delivery at 0.03 in. static pressure. There is 1200 CFM for attics up to 1715 sq. ft. It weighs 18 pounds with a thermally protected, permanently lubricated motor.

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Broan 358 Roof Mounted 1200 CFM Attic Ventilator
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