Bulls Eye Water-Based Primer and Sealer 2G

Paint primer is the base coat paint that is usually applied to a surface before an application of the real paint and final coat. This is a necessity with all painting jobs. It helps the painter achieve better painting results. The primer gives a watertight seal and also gives the real paint a smooth and adhesive surface. The other function of paint primer is to cover the original surface. It also gives the surface some protection from elements like the sun’s UV, rain and any acids that could be present in the air.

Though wood has its own natural beauty, it is important to cover it with sealers in order to protect it from being damaged by the weather or any other force. This helps your wood to last longer. You can achieve this using pressure treated lumber. After this first protection you will need a sealer which is meant to protect the wood from things like cracking or warping, insects and fungus. The 2246 bulls eye water-based primer and sealer 2G is very effective in giving your wood all the protection that it needs.

The 2246 bulls eye water-based primer and sealer 2G gives you many more advantages. For example, it is specifically formulated to offer you a quicker sanding and drying. It also has a more superior adhesion as compared to most other primers and sealers. This water based primer and sealer is a stain blocking primer which is compatible with all topcoats. The 2246 bulls eye water-based primer and sealer 2G can be applied even in occupied environments because it dries faster and has no odor. It is perfect for both new and remodeled areas and can comfortably be used on paneling, doors, interior walls and ceilings. It has easy flow properties which offers the painter with great leveling and also dries to a smooth and flat finish.

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