Gable Mount Attic Fan

353 1140 CFM Gable Mount Attic Fan

Temperatures in attics can rise up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and this can do great damage not only to your house but also to your properties inside. Imagine the trusses, shingles, rafters and roof sheathing of a house getting as hot as coals of fire or a hot radiator. Of course, who would want that to happen? So the primary function of an attic fan is to help lower down the heat in an attic.

There are a many kinds of attic ventilators. There is the solar type which, needless to say, needs only the sun to get it working. It can save you a great deal in electricity but there is only one set back in using a solar-powered attic fan. You cannot get it running on a cloudy day. Same goes with a partly-cloudy day. Expect the fan blades to run poorly during this time. Without getting a solar attic fan’s full power, your attic will still remain very hot because heat will be trapped inside without much ability to be released. Another type of attic fan is the turbine-powered ones that depend on the wind to get it going. But just like that solar ones, it cannot run properly on a day without much wind. If you really get an attic fan’s full potential, you can go for the powered attic fans. It will surely move big amounts of air and you can feel the difference in the temperature in your attic. It also has a built-in thermostat that turns on and off depending on the temperature.

The 353 1140 CFM Gable Mount Attic Fan could be the solution to your problems in attic temperatures. First and foremost, the difference between a roof-mounted and gable-mounted attic fan is you do not see a gable-mounted attic fan. This CFM Mount Attic Fan has a high-performance operation for inside-the-attic applications. It is protected by a galvanized steel housing that is ribbed for added strength. It includes mounting brackets to simply installation. It is perfect for 1630 square feet-attic. It has a 14-inch diameter steel blade specially designed for maximum air movement and operates automatically. It has built-in thermostat and a lubricated motor that is thermally protected. This gable-mount attic fan can remove air as hot as 150 degrees whether it is air-conditioned or not. This 12-pound wonder can also allow the air-conditioning system not to run as hard making it efficient and dependable.

Gable Mount Attic Fan
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