Green Recessed Fan-Light with Humidity Sensing

Recessed Fan-Light with Humidity Sensing

Summer can be one of the most exciting seasons in a year. This is the time when people hit the beach to enjoy the sun. But there is just one thing that most of us do not like during this season. It is the humidity. For countries near the equator like the Philippines, Thailand and India, humidity is very high. Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air, says Wikipedia. This can bring about precipitation, dew and fog. Humidity decreases the evaporation of sweat from the skin hence making the likelihood of the body to cool itself down.

During the ancient times, people attributed the occurrence of sicknesses and ailments to the weather. Surprisingly enough, it is true. The weather can really have an adverse effect on our health. If you are someone who has asthma, you can prove this. Humidity, if not controlled, can trigger allergy and asthma attacks and can aggravate respiratory and cardiovascular problems. For people who have migraine and arthritis, warm air is also an enemy. Humidity can also damage your beautiful tresses by making it drier and more brittle to the touch. Aside from effects on your health, it can also damage your home electronics and furniture. Perhaps you may notice at times that your doors do not fit their frames the same way as they do. You might need to give them a little more push just to close the shut. You might think to yourself, why is this happening? That is in fact humidity in action.
Humidity can also bring peeled and chipped paint and wallpaper, wall discolorations, and may even give out bad odors inside your home. It also encourages the growth of mold and mildew together with bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Electronic devices are not exempted from the awful effects of humidity. If you will notice, there are some electronic devices that indicate humidity specifications. Low humidity levels can cause the materials inside to get brittle and lead to short circuits.

One common solution that we see to combat humidity is to turn on the air conditioning system. But if truth be told, it is not a solution to your problem but in turn does more damage than good; but thanks to the Recessed Fan/Light with Humidity Sensing device from Broan® and Nutone. This device operates on the Sensaire technology which can sense rises in the degree of humidity in the air enough to automatically turn it on. Its humidity sensitivity level can actually be set as desired. It comes with a user-adjustable timer and a 14-watt, bright and energy efficient light. It weighs 10 lbs. and is Energy Star qualified. Due to this features, The fall 2010 issue of Building Products made known that it has been given a 2010 Green Product Award which recognizes the best eco-friendly products that merges value and innovation with sustainability. Give it a try and it sure is worth your money.
Recessed Fan-Light with Humidity Sensing
Recessed Fan-Light with Humidity Sensing

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