High-Capacity Wall Heaters

Shelter belongs to one of humanity’s basic needs. When you do not have shelter, you are exposed to the harsh effects of the change in climate. You do not have enough protection to shield yourself from too much warmth or from too much cold. Even for people who have homes, there are a lot of devices used to regulate room temperature. In countries near the equator like the Philippines, Bangkok and India, humidity can get very unkind during the summer. In some households, they have humidity sensing devices that automatically turns on when it starts to sense high levels of water vapour in the air. It regulates the air in the room and decreases the amount of humidity in it. On the other hand, people in cold countries also have ways on controlling room temperature especially during winter. Keeping our bodies warm during winter is just but normal.

During the olden days, people used fireplaces to warm themselves. According to Wikipedia, “a fireplace is an architectural structure to contain a fire for heating and… cooking.” There is a fire enclosed in a firebox or a firepit. Fireplaces are considered a basic fixture inside a household since the sound of crackling flames can be a comforting one. Aside from the use of fireplaces, people warm themselves with clothes. Other even use hot water and wood heaters or stoves to warm themselves.

Because of the advancement in technology nowadays, wall heaters have replaced fireplaces and wood stoves. There are even wide varieties of them like gas, electric, halogen and even diesel heaters. You just have to find out what type would be the best to suit your needs and of course your budget. There are different heaters for different areas of the house. There are specific heaters for the kitchen or the bathroom while others are best installed in the living room or the bedroom.

Check out the 240 VAC High-Capacity Wall Heater. It is factory wired for 4000W at 240V AC. It easily converts to half-wattage. It has a 100% heating efficiency with enclosed heating element that provides warmth quickly and quietly. Aside from it being heavy duty, it is also plate-finned and steel sheathed. It has an adjustable built-in, heavy-duty thermostat or optional wall-mount thermostat. It is equipped with a manual reset overload for more protection. It also has a permanently lubricated motor and an internal fan delay that prevents delivery of cold air. It has a one-piece steel grill directing air downward for more room heating. It has white baked enamel grills that can blend with virtually any room color or décor and keeps it color for a long time. It can be easily removed from housing for cleaning. This 24.50 lb-heater is perfect for lobbies, entrance ways and vestibules.


High-Capacity Wall Heaters

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