180 LED Rechargeable Portable Work light

When working on a project that requires transferring from one place to another, it's advisable that your lights are easy to move and bring around. Are you a hobbyist who works long hours just to finish a project? Then this LED Rechargeable Portable Worklight is for you.

The features of this product stated below make it a powerful tool that can be used in and out of your home.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Compared to the usual light bulb that runs on heat generation, LED lights use electrical excitation to generate light. As we all know, LEDs use less power therefore making it Eco-friendly. It uses 180 super bright LEDs. It has a weatherproof duel level on/off switch. Its recharging capability makes it suitable for portability. One single charge can last you up to 4 hours. Its lamp life lasts for 50,000 hours which is equivalent more or less to 30 years. It’s definitely worth every dollar spent. .
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