NuTone LunAura Led Energy Star Ventilation Fan

Most of the energy that is used in home goes to heating and cooling. This adds up to one of the largest energy expenses in the home. With the new NuTone LunAura LED Energystar Ventilation Fan, a blend of modern technology has now emerged with safer options for home owners that can help them save energy and money. Besides using air conditioners and heating systems wisely, the NuTone Energystar ventilation fan will reduce the demand of earth’s natural resources. If you are not making any savings in your heating and cooling systems, it is high time you replaced your entire system with this specialized Energystar device. This will definitely cost you a few dollars but in the long run, you will be proud that you did it.

Energystar rated products have had a reputation over the years as a manufacturer of devices which allow homeowners to reduce their energy bills wisely. Using the Energystar rated products will result to more than 30% savings on your electricity bills. Brand new on the market and CALGreen compliant, the NuTone LunAura Led Energystar Ventilation is a innovative device capable of adding not only ventilation and lighting to your bathroom but also a beautiful, ambient glow. The soft, lovely blue LED edge-glow nightlite adds a beautiful shade for extra décor in your bathroom. Available at the touch of a switch, this calming light has the effect of nature…right in your room.

The NuTone LunAura Led Energystar Ventilation Fan is a new, innovative addition to Energystar’s qualified green NuTone LunAura collection. Created for stunning, beautiful ventilation directly in your home bathroom, there’s nothing quite like the new LunAura with LED. The NuTone Led Ventilation Fan is known to bring better ventilation and dramatic LED lighting to your room. It gives the user a gentle glow and also transforms the room into a distinctive calming space. Turn the plate sideways for a diamond effect or keep it straight to add a square look to your bathroom. The fan has a HVI certified 110 CFM air movement rating, plus it also features 36W GU main light.

When the LED nightlight is activated in the ventilation fan, the plate of the device will turn a dark, deep blue. It brings a spa-like environment right into your bathroom. If you are stylish and wish to light up your bathroom while providing energy saving coolness, this is the way forward. The NuTone LunAura Led Energystar Ventilation Fan creates a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. The NuTone LunAura Led Energystar Ventilation Fan also improves the décor of your room. The blue LED night lighting creates a very welcoming feeling in the room and also gives the room a modern look. In fact it gives a very inviting atmosphere and also soothes one to sleep at night. The NuTone LunAura Led Energystar Ventilation Fan improves the circulation of air in your room and also removes any excess humidity which could otherwise bring about the formation of mold.


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