PolyCare 1G Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate flooring, according to Wikipedia, “is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process.” Laminate flooring imitates wood or sometimes even stone. It has an inner core that is usually made of fiber board materials and melamine resin. Laminate floors are durable and cheaper than natural floor materials. It is highly essential to keep them clean. Dirt and dust are the biggest hazards of laminate floors because they can scratch its surface. It is also very vital to keep them dry at all times since being exposed to water or moisture for a long time can bring about swelling and deformity of the planks; although some planks are protected by water-resistant coatings. One protective measure to protect laminate floors is to place adhesive felt pads on the feet of the furniture to keep it from scratching the floor.

One of the easiest floor types to keep clean are hardwood floors. This type of floor requires only minimum maintenance and can last for a long time if taken care of properly. Hardwood floors may differ in finish but maintenance methods are basically the same although some types may need extra care when removing stains. The most common way to clean hardwood floors is to use a damp mop. Of course, before mopping, you need to sweep or vacuum the floor first and remove all the dust. Dirt and dust are in fact the biggest enemies of hardwood floors because they can lead to scouring and scratching the floor finish. There are numerous hardwood floor cleaners available in the market today. It is important to remember that before mopping it with a damp mop, make sure that they do not have worn patches because water can penetrate the wood and can lead to warping of the planks. Now, polyurethane is applied to the surface of hardwood floors. It has a glossy and shiny finish. It may seem like the whole floor is coated in plastic. Another finish called penetrating seals is made up of wax or oil. This penetrates the wood and protects it from within.

The point is, no matter the floor type, all floors are prone to stains. But PolyCare Cleaner is a concentrated formula and safe effective cleaner for polyurethane coated surfaces. It is formulated to clean effectively without leaving any soapy haze or residue on the floor. It is ideal for all poly urethane treated and factory pre-finished floors. It is also perfect for residential and commercial or sports floors. It can also be used for furniture, cabinets, railings, counters and woodwork. Polycare is a unique detergent formula which cleans effectively without rinsing. It is light and fresh-scented leaving your fine wood in perfect condition every time with leaving a residue. Just add 2 ounces of Polycare concentrate to one gallon of warm water and see its effects in minutes.

70001 PolyCare 1G Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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