Oak Recessed Ironing Board

Sup400 Oak Recessed Iron Board

Doing household chores is one of the things that you do everyday. Even if you do not want to do it, you are obliged to get them done. If you are not able to carry them out for ,the day, you will leave the whole household in chaos and disarray. Before you know it, you will be sharing your house with icky creatures and filthy pests.

One of the most unwanted household chores is doing the laundry. This is for the reason that it happens to be a very tedious job especially if you prefer to hand wash your clothes. But thank God for washing machines. It makes your life easier and more efficient since you get to do other household tasks while you do your laundry. Of course after washing and drying your clothes, you need to iron them. Even if you put fabric conditioner on them, there will always be clothes that need to be ironed especially the ones made of cotton. Unlike washing machines, there are no such things as ironing machines so you really have to do it on your own. Obviously, you will need an iron and an ironing board for this task. According to Wikidedia, “an iron is a small appliance used in ironing to remove wrinkles from fabric.” Paired with this appliance is an ironing board. It is a flat surface on which you can lay out the articles of clothing you need to press.

In our modern day setting, people are getting more and more busy making money and usually spend most of their times away from home. You will notice that homes are set up in a more efficient way for lesser clutter. If that is the case, perhaps you do not have enough space in your house because you want to make cleaning easier. When you iron clothes, you have to unpack the conventional and rickety ironing board and pack them again after use. It can take up a lot more space to your room. But now, there is the SUP 400 Oak Recessed Iron Board. The difference of a recessed ironing board and a conventional one is that you can fold up the former and hide it inside a cabinet. The cabinet is usually wall mounted and includes a little room for shelving, a space for the iron and other ironing needs. The nice thing about this is the ironing essentials are tucked behind an attractive door therefore making your room cleaner and more presentable. Just be sure to install an outlet close by for easier plugging in.

The SUP400 Oak Recessed Iron Board is made of unfinished oak with raised panel door shelf. It includes a heat shield for safe iron storage. Its outside dimension measures 47 ¾” L x 16”W x7”D and becomes 46 ¼”L x 14 ¼”W if opened up. This 44-lb board includes a garment hook, a shelf, a sleeve board, and covers and pad. Install this SUP400 Oak Recessed Iron Board and you are good to go.

Recessed Ironing Board

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