Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable

40ft Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable

It is true that we always want what we do not have. For instance, people who are white want to be a little tanner. People who are dark-skinned desire to be whiter. Same goes with the weather. People who live in areas with cold climate always love to go to the beach and bathe under the sun; while people who live in the tropics, always dream of living in a winter wonderland.

People love the idea of playing in the snow. Cosy thoughts of sipping hot soup or hot chocolate while gazing out the snowy window tickle your mind. Yes, it definitely gives a comforting feeling just thinking about the scenario. But just like in the movies, you are oblivious to a dark shadow that is lurking around your house. Then suddenly, everything is not as perfect as it was. That is what also happens after the blizzard. Snow accumulates in the roof and gutter of the once perfect and comfortable home. You can just leave it to melt on the sun. But wait! Did you know that leaving it untouched can cause more problems that you think? Yes indeed it can.

A lot of us view roof and gutter cleaning as a simple task that we take them for granted not knowing that neglecting it can lead to larger damage to your home. In order to save a huge amount of money for repairs, it is always right to clean your roofs and gutters from time to time. The main purpose of gutters is to handle rain water. This is where rain water accumulates leading to the downspout where water is let to a drainage system. But sometimes, aside from dust and dirt in the air, garbage and falling leaves may also obstruct your gutters. This can lead to overflowing gutters and can make rain water travel to the sides of your house. This can cause some serious troubles like leakages. It is during the snow time also that gutter and roof problems arise. Ice dams are very common during these times. Ice dams happen when snow accumulates on the roof with not enough insulation. Ice dams can lead to leaking roofs, wet and ineffective insulation, rotting timber, stained or cracked plasters or dry walls and even stained, blistered and peeling paint. This is the reason why cleaning our roofs and gutters should not be taken for granted.

Thanks to the 40-ft. Roof and Gutter De-Icing Cable! It helps prevent damages from melting ice and snow. It comes with aluminum clips and complete instruction guide on how to use it. It weighs 2.08 lbs – very light for easier de-icing. Grab one now!


40ft Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable

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