SSSEE980 Silent Sump System With Wireless Monitoring

What is a pump? According to Wikipedia, “a pump is a device used to move fluids, such as liquids, gases or slurries.” Pumps are classified according to how it moves a volume either by physical or mechanical action. They are grouped into direct, displacement, lift, buoyancy, velocity and gravity pumps.

Pumps have been utilized in society for a lot of different purposes and have been used since the early times. It can be seen in the form of windmills or watermills. In this day and time, pumps are widely used for water supply, gasoline supply and irrigation, conditioning systems, chemical movement, and flood control, refrigeration (commonly called a “compressor”, sewage movement, marine services and the like. Due to this, pumps have been made into a lot of different shapes and sizes. From low pressure to high pressure, and from low to high volume, and from handling gas to liquid – you name it and there are pumps available in the market to suit your needs.

Since there are so many types of pumps, you might be wondering now what a sump pump is. A sump pump is usually a pump that is placed in the basement of a home. It pumps water from the basement to outside of the home. A sump pump usually runs in electricity. There are two ways on how a sump pump moves water. It either drains water and displaces it into the house’s drainage pipe system or it just simply pumps water outside the house. Of course when you have a sump pump, you also need a sump pit. These two always work hand in hand. A sump pit is a hole that is dug in the ground, usually in the basement of a house and this is where the water from the pump goes into.

This SSSEE980 Silent Sump System With Wireless Monitoring is a pump that can displace more water using 50% less energy compared to the industry average pump that requires 9.5 amps to operate. It can save you an annual cost of $75 when running at 5 minutes per hour with an average electrical cost of $0.12 kWh. It has ¾ HP that pumps up to 4600 GPH @ 0’. It has a flood alert wireless sump pump monitoring system (WSA120). It is has a job-ready system, energy efficient pump (EE980), and a silent check valve (28211-001). It has PVC pipes, all stainless hose clamps and rubber coupler. The PVC Cement and the PVC Primer required for installation is sold separately. This 22.00 lb-pump comes with a 5-year warranty.
Silent Sump System With Wireless Monitoring

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